Taylored to Perfection

ttp_coverIn true Graham fashion, he does what he knows best to get Emme back. Take control. Show her who is really in charge. As blurred lines slowly gain focus, Graham and Emme both learn what it means to give your whole heart to another. Just when they have it figured out, a crisis brings Emme to her knees and when she needs him in charge the most, Graham’s own past, leaves him paralyzed and breaking his vows to the love of his life – to always take care of her.

Taylored to Perfection is a story of love, loss, family and how giving up control may be the only way to reclaim it.

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Reviews for Taylored to Perfection

“Sinsational duet that is a ONE-CLICK MUST!!! Enough said…(drop mic)”
        –the BookAddict Mom

“KJ has shot to the top of my auto One click – I cannot wait to read her future books!”
        –Helena Bookhooked

“Ruined, I’m ruined. If Taylor Made was my Titanic then Taylored To Perfection is my Apocalypse. There’s no way another is going to achieve the part of my heart that I gave to this series. Emme & Graham’s story has been imprinted on me and I can’t love that fact more than I already do….I laughed and cried and gave my soul to Taylored To Perfection. I just didn’t read this book, I lived it.”
        –Golden Books 24*7

“This book however is much more than control, it is about loving and learning the boundaries they should navigate. But their journey is what this romance is about.”
        –The Book Fairy Reviews

“Taylored to Perfection is without a doubt my favorite book of 2016…Taylored to Perfection was dominating, tear-jerking, shattering, and simply unbelievable. I give it 5 stars!”
        –Perfectly Perez

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