Mondays With You

mwy_sitesmall High-school teacher West Connors struggled to put the pieces of his heart back together after the sudden departure of his best friend, Blake Thomas, from his life ten years ago. While loves have come and gone, West has never quite filled the hole in his heart Blake left behind.

Blake Thomas gets things done. As a handler for one of the top political fixers in the business, he focuses on work, friends, and one-night stands. He’s fooled himself into thinking he’s conquered the demons of his past until he runs into the best friend he was forced to leave behind when he was sixteen.

When their jobs force them into a fake relationship, Blake learns something about his childhood best friend and eventually about himself.

As they try to repair their damaged friendship, they find that moving forward can sometimes lead you back home.

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Reviews for Mondays With You

“It’s hard to write this review because I want to make sure this book that is so beautifully written gets the credit that is so deserves.”

“I absolutely loved Blake and West and they just might be one of my favorite couples ever written in the fictional world.”

“…. I friggin loved it… it was so hot, I was really nervous going in and I really connected with the characters in a way I never thought possible…”

“thank you for popping my MM cherry!”

“As a reader I experienced the full immediacy and exquisite intimacy of both Blake and West’s experiences. This is what makes me want to read. I laughed. Smirked. Snort laughed. Cried. My heart pounded. I smiled. But most of all, I opened another part of my heart for Blake and West and there they will stay.”

“The only thing better than one book boyfriend, is two.”

“the first time he [spoiler removed] , goofy smile on my face and tears!!”

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